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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finally some summer fun

I have worked so many weekends. The only weekends I have had off this summer is for Amber's wedding and when I hurt my back. I was approved the day of my bday off which is good because I am hosting a dinner party that day, then I got the 2nd weekend of August off which we will go rafting, camping and visit Will's grandparents for their 60th wedding anniversary!
I am so excited. We blew up the raft a couple weekends ago to make sure it was working and Ava got so excited. She must have remembered last year. We still have a lot to get ready...like buy some sleeping bags. Who doesn't own a sleeping bag??? I used to have a really nice one but I have no clue where it is...like many other items. And I am going to get the dogs life jackets. Preston's swimming isn't very convincing yet. And if he follows Ava's lead he will be leaping off the boat every 5 minutes.
I hope we don't get eaten by any animals when we camp on the beach. I get so scared. I always envision ways to escape or attack something. But in reality I would probably scream and freeze and be carried off into the wilderness getting eaten slowly like that bear guy, Tredwill or something.
Hopefully I get some sun though. My angelically white legs need it!

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