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Monday, July 19, 2010

I Can't Wait Till We Move

I can't stand our subdivision. I don't mind our house, other than we are outgrowing it and our yard is super small...oh and the dairy behind us. But I don'g like our subdivision.
We pay just as much in homeowners as a nice subdivision yet I have no idea were our money goes. The sign at the entrance has a pretty waterfall and pond...then you look at the actual sign and there is mud all over it from little kids that live here.
Here is another sign that is written all over with permanent marker.
Plus the fences aren't stained and they are falling down, the grass is dying, and there are no garbage's around so everyone just chucks their garbage and leaves dog poop on the sidewalk.
Today on our walk I took these pictures. There are McDonald's bags, empty beer cans (in the kid area) and soda cans, the dogs found a chicken bone, yesterday a piece of cheese and of course Preston swallowed it before I could extract it from his mouth. Who knows where it came from or what was on it. The thing I dislike most other than the nasty appearance of our subdivision is the flies. We were told when we purchased that the dairy would be gone...2 years later this is our backyard.
I have written letters and called the homeowners to fix this stuff but they say there is nothing they can do...yet I still have to pay an arm and a leg to live here.
I don't trust the people who live in here. All the kids are heathens that litter and graffiti the entire place. Break stuff on the community center and ruin the pool. So my $$ goes to fixing that stuff. So I am losing respect for their parents which would be my fellow neighbors. I don't even allow my dogs outside (in the front), how am I suppose to allow my kids (if we ever had any).
I just hope something wonderful happens to us so we can move into a nicer place, with a little bit bigger yard and one more bedroom! No flies, no crazy people driving mach 10 through the streets. Just a peaceful place to call home.

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