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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Beth, I think if you email me a bouquet that you love, I can replicate it easy! And if we use artificial flower for the bouquets I won't have to worry about ruining or running out of flowers. Plus I will have more time to put them together. I think I can do it!!!!

So first, let me show you some flowery stuff I have arranged, real and silk so you can see that I can do it :)

K so thats all I got but I have done more :)

Anyways we need to decide what you want. So the bridal bouquet will have more purple or maybe all purple. So here are some examples:
the last one is great if we can find blooming Lilacs still!

Here are some mixed white/green/purple Bridesmaid options:

Basically I can find Hydrangeas (real) $3.50 a stem. They are probably the priciest of them all. I think for centerpieces you should do some gardeny type flowers (carnations, sweet peas, veronica, lilac if possible and then we could add in other nice flowers from a florist or Costco or some other bulk flower stores online I found.

My guess is that the bridal bouquet will cost $25 give or take (I'm shooting high), bridesmaids about the same. So total so far $125. Boutonnières can be done with real or artificial. Don't know if you want white, green or purple:

Here are the pics of the artificial flowers I found today at Michael's:
There were more than this but these were my favorites.

Let me know what you think. And email me pictures of your favorite bouquets then I can go buy enough flowers for just your bouquet to start and see if I can replicate it. Make sure I am capable of doing it!


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