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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wedding Flowers

So many choices in this category...so first lets think colors. You can have the bridal bouquet white with white or purple ribbon and then the bridesmaids bouquets have mixed white and purple or just purple with either matching the dresses purple ribbon. You could always use the green ribbon for all or bridesmaids too. Here are some pictures of that idea. Flowers matching dresses:
Here are some pictures of purple bridal bouquets with either matching or white bridesmaid bouquets:
Here are some photos of pretty bouquets for the bride if you had one made from a florist:
Types of ribbon and colors:
Types of flowers: So Costco has the bulk white hydrangeas and then the bi-color purple carnations. Here is a picture of the carnations:
And if you wanted to save $$ and could find a few Snowball bushes, they could take the place of hydrangeas!
Centerpieces: I know we are using the mason jars and I think if you had to stretch them you could use one hydrangea per jar. I like the look of a full jar. I say if we can, use 2 or 3 per jar. If you like the purple flower idea you could always put the a ring of carnations around the rim of the jar and plop a hydrangea on top. Sort of like that bouquet picture above. Here are some other pictures for inspirations:


  1. Wow! Those wedding bouquets are really elegant and one of a kind. They are really lovely. I like it!! Thumbs up for sharing this to us.

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