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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just an Idea

So I totally love this idea and wish I would have done it at my wedding, that being said, this is completely up to you if you want to do this. I would take the pictures for you of this so when I got home I could make out the cards for you and get them to you asap. Here are some cute ideas. My favorite is the burlap banner one, I think its the last one. You could also do it on old wood or wooden boat paddles. Or carve it into 2 of the stumps you guys have and sit on them looking out onto the lake.


Beth, I think if you email me a bouquet that you love, I can replicate it easy! And if we use artificial flower for the bouquets I won't have to worry about ruining or running out of flowers. Plus I will have more time to put them together. I think I can do it!!!!

So first, let me show you some flowery stuff I have arranged, real and silk so you can see that I can do it :)

K so thats all I got but I have done more :)

Anyways we need to decide what you want. So the bridal bouquet will have more purple or maybe all purple. So here are some examples:
the last one is great if we can find blooming Lilacs still!

Here are some mixed white/green/purple Bridesmaid options:

Basically I can find Hydrangeas (real) $3.50 a stem. They are probably the priciest of them all. I think for centerpieces you should do some gardeny type flowers (carnations, sweet peas, veronica, lilac if possible and then we could add in other nice flowers from a florist or Costco or some other bulk flower stores online I found.

My guess is that the bridal bouquet will cost $25 give or take (I'm shooting high), bridesmaids about the same. So total so far $125. Boutonnières can be done with real or artificial. Don't know if you want white, green or purple:

Here are the pics of the artificial flowers I found today at Michael's:
There were more than this but these were my favorites.

Let me know what you think. And email me pictures of your favorite bouquets then I can go buy enough flowers for just your bouquet to start and see if I can replicate it. Make sure I am capable of doing it!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fun Rustic Decor

I love this:

I like that they used sticks in this last photo and just tied flowers on it. Simple and pretty.

Wedding Flowers

So many choices in this category...so first lets think colors. You can have the bridal bouquet white with white or purple ribbon and then the bridesmaids bouquets have mixed white and purple or just purple with either matching the dresses purple ribbon. You could always use the green ribbon for all or bridesmaids too. Here are some pictures of that idea. Flowers matching dresses:
Here are some pictures of purple bridal bouquets with either matching or white bridesmaid bouquets:
Here are some photos of pretty bouquets for the bride if you had one made from a florist:
Types of ribbon and colors:
Types of flowers: So Costco has the bulk white hydrangeas and then the bi-color purple carnations. Here is a picture of the carnations:
And if you wanted to save $$ and could find a few Snowball bushes, they could take the place of hydrangeas!
Centerpieces: I know we are using the mason jars and I think if you had to stretch them you could use one hydrangea per jar. I like the look of a full jar. I say if we can, use 2 or 3 per jar. If you like the purple flower idea you could always put the a ring of carnations around the rim of the jar and plop a hydrangea on top. Sort of like that bouquet picture above. Here are some other pictures for inspirations: